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Jun 5 1998
- start of this site
July 1998
- version 0.8 of MiniBBS released
Jul 15 1998
- had to reset my counter to 0 since my counter provider went down
Jul 22 1998
- made HTML design publicly available
Aug 16 1998
- New version 0.9 of my MiniBBS released
- patched dialog utilitie released
Oct 8 1998
- released QGLWidget component v0.1 for QtEZ
Oct 18 1998
- released QGLWidget component v0.3 for QtEZ
Oct 22 1998
- released QGLWidget component v0.3.1 for QtEZ
Nov 16 1998
- ZIPped HTML Design and put it in the Download area.
May 14 1999
- Fixed a bug in UserScripts which caused a corrupted shadow file.
Jan 1 2000
- Added two new scenes to the POVRay section.
Jan 4 2000
- Added a new scene to the POVRay section.
- Added Download Slave to the Linux section
Jan 7 2000
- Added a logging counter to my main site again.
Jan 18 2000
- New version.0.92 of Primax Colorado Direct scanner driver added to my Primax for Linux/UN*X section
- Bug fix version 0.92a of Primax Colorado Direct scanner driver released
Sep 25 2000
- New version.20000925 of my Download Slave in the Linux section
Apr 16 2001
- Added the Mutt Address Book to the Linux section

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